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For those who are planning to visit Costa Rica on wheels and are still undecided among all the offers you can find, here are 5 reasons why renting a Pura Van instead of a traditional campervan:


  1. NUMBER OF SEATS: traditional campervans are mostly just able to transport two or three passengers at most since they do not have rear seats. Pura Van campervan can transport up to five passenger comfortably and safely as it keeps rear seat. This allows you to travel together with groups of friends or completed families without having the need to rent an additional vehicle. More people, more fun & most importantly reduce costs.


  1. MORE SPACE AVAILABLE: the design of each Pura Van offers to their passengers a huge space available inside the van. There will be no problem to storage luggage, food or camping equipment, and the best of all… you will not have to rearrange anything before going to bed and so for all the five passengers keep traveling in a comfy way.

 campervan costa rica

  1. OUTDOORS CONCEPT: unlike the traditional campervans where almost all the activity is done inside, a Pura Van allows you to enjoy the outdoors environment, because once you select the camping location, our Pura Van will become a camp station itself. Enjoy a terrace on the beach or in the mountain just unfolding the side awning. Outdoor cooking without danger of igniting or impregnating the vehicle with smells that will accompany you the rest of the trip. Set the annex to enjoy a space where you can extend fun nights without worrying about mosquito’s bites.

 campervan costa rica

  1. COMFORT TO SLEEPING: this is where a Pura Van takes advantage from a traditional campervan. The camper culture is increasingly widespread, but the same formulas do not work everywhere. In Costa Rica, due to the tropical weather and the high humidity level, it is practically impossible to sleep inside the vehicle because of the heat. The result could get even worst if you try to sleep with the windows open because the tropical mosquito´s will enjoy you all night long.


Our Pura Vans are equipped with unique roof top tents in the country. Once it is set, will offer you a comfortable king size bed up to 4 adults, with double – layered windows and mosquito net located on all sides and on the roof of the tent. This allows a perfect wind sensation or ventilation on the rest area, and being safe from mosquito bites. Also, has an annex where could sleep another 2 adults too, with the same windows system as the roof top tent.


  1. THE VIEWS: last but not least, especially for the romantic & bohemians, we highlight another advantage of a Pura Van in front of a traditional campervan… the views from the roof top tent. Sleeping on the roof of the campervan more than 2 meters high, offers perspectives totally different and more attractive from the ones you could have sleeping at ground level or inside a vehicle. Imagine waking up and seeing the sea or the mountains just in front of you instead of the interior of a traditional campervan.


For all these reasons & many more we will be setting on our blog, a Pura Van is the best option to visit a country like Costa Rica, enjoying everything in the most purest state.