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Hola Again, before starting with this new post, we want to make something clear to all of you, the members of Pura Van Campervan Rental, we are not limit ourselves to managing our company, we are also Campervan users!! Which means all the advices we share are more or less on the point, but all are based on our own experiences, and also more importantly in Pura Van client experiences.

Costa Rica, as tropical country, there are is an average temperature of around 23ºC to the maximums that can reach punctually 38ºC; and an freezing minimum (of course hahaha) temperature on the highest areas of the country can reach 9ºC; another peculiarity of Costa Rica to take into consideration are the micro-climates, which means in a matter of hours you can go from a dry climate to a humid or even rainy environment, although the rainy hours are quite shortened.

Because of this tropical weather, at Pura Van Campervan Rental, we decided that the best way to truly enjoy the experience of road trip this country, was to live in the outside & in contact with nature. Is for this reason our campervans will offer you the best way to enjoy the outsides. The Awning will offer the possibility of resting in the shadow while enjoying meals time or personal spaces, also protect from rain & because the location, allows clients to be inside the spacious campervan interior without aislate from the exterior. The roof top tent is the best solution we can think about to sleep in a tropical weather country. Allows you enjoy a fresh room & be safe from mosquitoes thanks to their windows & mosquito nets. For the real fresh locations, like could be the high mountains or volcanoes, we recommend to have the tent ready & close the second window layer before the sun comes down, this way we will keep in the roof top tent interior a very nice warm temperature to sleep at night.

Another important element that will help you to enjoy the experience of traveling & feel the nature of Costa Rica, is the Annex. Thanks to this guy you will have an external area where to be safe from mosquitoes & rain. The Annex is perhaps the most versatile area of a Pura Van. Could be use as storage area, extra bedroom for 2 or 3 guest, place where you can share good moments with your traveling fellows because it has enough space to perfectly set a table & chairs; and even better could be use as shower! Through the annex you could access to the water tank.

For all of this, we invite you to enjoy a unique experience visiting a country as diverse as Costa Rica. What are you waiting to come with your friends or family?

We will continue giving advice and sharing our experiences; and of course the experience from our clients! So, when you come your Pura Van experience will be unforgettable & pleasant